Families love our Inmate Phone Solutions. It is always great to hear the voice of someone you love. Now, with Pre-Paid Calling Accounts, families can ensure that their loved ones can call them direct on either their home or mobile phone. There are a few types of Pre-Paid Accounts:

Pre-Paid Collect Call Accounts

Pre-Paid Collect Call Accounts allow your loved one to call you either at home or on your mobile device. Friends and family can deposit money into this account conveniently and securely. This account can be used only to call telephone numbers that are designated by the account holder.
To start a pre-paid collect calling account, please call our Customer Service at 877-618-3516. Our current hours are Monday through Friday 8am - 8pm or Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time. Or click on our Deposit link above to be directed to our Customer Service website, where you can also make payments online at any time.

Pin Debit Accounts

Pin Debit Accounts allow your loved one to choose who they want to call using the funds placed on their Pin Debit account. This type of account is only available at certain Facilities that choose to provide this option. The inmate is assigned a unique PIN number to access their account to make phone calls. Friends and family can also deposit money into this account conveniently and securely through our Customer Service.

Calling Cards

Inmates may purchase calling cards (or also called phone cards) to make telephone calls at discounted rates. Typically, Correct Solutions Group will sell calling cards through the correctional facility, if the facility chooses to have this option available.